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Guided Meditation - Tips on doing Daily Yoga and Meditation

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a simple and exact of becoming aware of who you are. Meditation is a practice of gently freeing yourself from the worries so that you may respond to the needs of the moment and experience the joy of being fully present. It is a practical mean for calming yourself, for letting go of your biases and seeing 'what is', openly and clearly. It is a way of training the mind so that you are not distracted and caught up in its endless churning.

How Meditation help us?

Meditation frees the energy that has been bound in our mental discord so that we can apply our self one pointedly to whatever we decide to do. Meditation will lead our mind to become more concentrated, so that we can fully focus on whatever we choose. Because of this those who will learn almost anything more easily and more quickly. Meditation leads us to a state of inner joy.

What are the benefits of Meditation?

Meditation helps:

  • To attain a steady and uncluttered mind for better concentration.
  • To create a state of silence and inner joy.
  • To reduce levels of physical and mental tensions and mental conflicts.
  • To produce a more integrated, productive and happier personality.
  • To increase calmness, creativity, productivity, inventiveness, intuitiveness and discrimination.
  • To create a positive outlook on life.
  • To create awareness.
  • To develop creative intelligence.
  • To improve clarity of perception.

How to practice Meditation?

Meditation is not a difficult task that you must force upon yourself. Find a simple, uncluttered, quite place where you will not be disturbed. Adopt a comfortable sitting posture with your back straight and your eyes closed.

This process begins with physical stillness. After accomplishing stillness, one becomes aware of obstacles arising from muscles twitching, tremors occurring in various parts of the body, shaking and itching. These obstacles arise because the body has never been trained to be still.

Then bring your awareness slowly down through your body, allowing all of the muscles to relax except those that are supporting your head, neck and back. Take your time and enjoy the process of letting go of the tension in your body. This letting go begins with the body and then progress to thoughts.

Once the body is relaxed and at peace, bring your awareness to your breath. Meditation is a process of giving your full attention to whatever object you have chosen. In this case you are choosing to be aware of the breath. Meditation is simply attending.

You can begin by attending to your breath and then if a thought comes, attend to it, notice it, be open to it and it will pass. Then you can come back to the breath.

Competent teachers instruct students in how to be free from external influences and how to follow the primary steps, so that body, senses and the mind are prepared for meditative experiences. If the preliminaries are ignored, then students may waste years hallucinating and fantasizing, simply feeding their egos and not attending any deeper experiences.

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