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Various Celebs who dye rainbow color

There are many Celebrities who used to dye their hair an extreme, with different-different color to get attention. Such as, singer Pink was known more for her rainbow hair color than her music during the first few years of her rock star career. In fact, fashion critics are starting to view these obviously fake colors of hair. So many celebrities and non-celebrities dying their hair every color of the rainbow

If you are thinking to dye your hair then before dying your hair blue, pink, purple, green or some other bright color, think carefully, these colors are best for holidays and special occasions where the color truly fits.

Katy Perry Colored Hair

Katy Perry never keeps the same hair color for too long; she has tried various shades of pinks, yellows, purples, blues, and greens over the past year. The violet-blue shade, worn before the Indian Premier League opening ceremony in Chennai, India, this is the electric blue short hair that she's worn since splitting from Russell Brand.

Green Hair of Azealia Banks at Paris Fashion Week

Azealia Banks is also one of a growing trend of celebrities who are changing hair color. Banks was spotted with green long locks during Paris Fashion Week. She colored her bottom hair in playful green color.

Multi Shaded Hairs

Celebrities try not only one color in their hairs but try more than 2 or 3 colors at one time. Such as Hope’s 3 color hair Purple-Gray-Blue Hair Color. For that she created this look in three stages to get multicolored hair.

Green, Purple, Blue and brunette colored hair. This is also a colorful hair style in which a celebrity used these four colors in her locks.

Allison Iraheta Red Colored tresses

Allison is a great singer and she also had various colored hairs on her head. She used to have red hair in the American Idol Shows, and this color really suits to her. She has many fans who not only love her voice but also her hairs a lot.

Rihanna’s hair color while performing in Spain

Rihanna dyed her hair fire engine red before performing in Spain. You can see that the red color is mostly colored by celebrities and there are many celebrities who are dyed their hair in such color.

Nicki Minaj Multi Color Hair

Nicki Minaj debuted this colored striped wig at the launch of her MAC lipstick in New York. This is actually one of Nicki's tamer hairstyles. In this style she colored her bottom hair in various 5-6 colors.

Kelly Osbourne Hairs

The former reality star showed off her lavender hair at the 18th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar party in West Hollywood. This hair color also looks beautiful on stars.

Grey Hairy Celebrities

Grey hair has made an appearance on the heads of many celebrities in the past year. Also many young girls in their twenties are donning a shade and even 30-50 year olds wouldn’t dare to attempt this hair color.

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