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Know about Jacqueline Laurita's some Beauty Tips

Jacqueline Laurita is stars of the hit reality-TV show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” She is the mother of three but yet look very beautiful. Her many fans asked Jacqueline Laurita for her beauty tips, from her lip color on the reunion show to how she combats acne. The Bravo star Jacqueline Laurita has been a licensed cosmologist for the past 20 years, her interests spanning everything from make-up to hair trends day by day. Jacqueline Laurita shares some beauty secrets that are as follows:

Anti Aging Tips

Jacqueline Laurita never shies about how she’s defying her pesky wrinkles. “I’m always looking for non-surgical procedures with little to no downtime because of my schedule,” Laurita told Daily Glow. Ultherapy is the solution to get rid of wrinkles, which uses ultrasound to lift and tone facial skin and it is sound familiar. This new procedure used for beauty is called Ultherapy. This is the only non-surgical cosmetic procedure to use ultrasound imaging making and there is no cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin so there is NO surgery. It allows the trained physician to see precisely where the energy needs to be delivered in order to be most effective in helping to lift and tone loose or sagging skin directly.

Tips about Acne

Acne can affect anyone at almost any age, male and female. For Acne Jacqueline suggest to using proper products with proper procedures. For acne she tells to use some home remedies such as floor extracts to soothe skin and reduce inflammation, drink green tea, use Aloe Vera and can use Sage Extract and Gotu Kola. They can help you to get rid of Acne.

Laurita also suggest using regularly the Acne One Medicated Acne Spray, this is the readymade acne medication that should be apply twice in a day.

Some Tips to make your Skin attractive

She says that Let your skin sparkle. For that she suggest to “use Lotions with sparkle or shimmer in them that can help to create a great illusion and camouflage any flaws on your body," says Laurita. "The Coconut Shimmer Body Lotion found at The Body Shop contains organic virgin coconut oil, so it nourishes your skin while adding shimmer.”Also "Look for a sunscreen that protects the skin with an SPF of 30 or higher, and contain Avobenzone (Parsel 1789) or Mexoryl SX," says Laurita.

Make your Lips more attractive

The Lip make up is the main part for your face make up and it makes you more attractive. A bright lip is one of the biggest trends this season; hot pinks, corals, and reds–the bolder, the better,” says Laurita. “If you want to try this trend without going overboard, blot your lipstick and cover with a gloss, leaving a subtle, stained effect.”

Tips for Your Hair

“Keeping your hair healthy is also important,” says Laurita. Because hair plays very important role for your overall look “I love Obliphica products–they help to keep your hair manageable and protect it from the sun–very important in the summer months!”

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