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Onychogryphosis is a gross thickening of the nail which is seen in later life especially in the big toe-nail. There is often a history of preceding trauma. Both psoriasis and fungal infection can also cause nail thickening. Onychogryphosis is a deformation of the claw. It appears to be elongated and distorted.

Diagnosis is made by histopathology either by skin biopsies around the claw or alternatively by amputation of the third phalanx. Biopsies of lesions in other body areas may be diagnostic. Only a guarded prognosis should be made. Immunosuppressive therapy should be carried out (glucocorticoids, azathioprine).

Treatment of Onychogryphosis

The treatment of the Onychogryphosis can reduce the thickness by cutting and filing the nail or by means of surgical procedures removing the nail under the aid of local analgesia. Onychogryphosis is a classic symptom of canine leishmaniasis.

In the enzootic area such a complaint justifies serology and/or a parasitological examination (skin and/or bone marrow cytology). Comprehensive therapy (Lomidine®, Glucantime®, amphotericin B, allopurinol) and a strict follow-up are mandatory.

The preventive measures for onychogryphosis are - avoid tight fitting foot wear, avoid nail polish, nails should be kept trimmed.

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