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Ear Piercing for Infants

Baby Ear PiercingBaby ear piercing is big issue for debate. If you want piercing of your baby ear wait until she becomes two or three months old. Some person like it but some are totally against it because of adverse effect. Baby ear piercing involves pain hence lot of care should be taken during and after ear piercing. Mostly it is done to identify baby as girl or for fashionable look.

Reasons for Baby Ear Piercing

  1. Cultural motive
  2. Family ethnicity
  3. Individual choice
  4. To recognize baby as a girl
  5. For cute and fashionable look

Risk Factor Involved in Baby Ear Piercing

  • Infections - Infection to ear lobe may be caused because use of unclean ear piercing instrument. It may happen because of dirty earrings or it is too tight to lobes. You can prevent infection by avoiding things which are responsible for infection.
  • Allergic Reactions - Babies who have metal allergy can got allergic reaction so prefer 14 karat gold or hypo-allergenic stainless steel.
  • Injury - Most of the infants play with earrings. Sometimes earrings are pulled by babies tearing ear lobes.
  • Keloid Formation - A small scar form after ear piercing and vanishes after some time but sometimes it become larger than original injury which is called as keloid. It results in bumps so avoid piercing if there is keloid formation family history.
  • Pain and Irritation - High pain is caused during baby ear piercing but if proper technique is followed then amount pain and irritation becomes less.

Tips for Baby Ear Piercing

  1. Maintain ear area highly hygienic for at least first 6 weeks of healing.
  2. Clean ear piercing area with good antiseptic.
  3. In the period of six weeks turn earrings for one or two times in a day.
  4. For at least four to five months make sure that baby is wearing earrings constantly.
  5. Clean front and backside area of ear with q-tip and alcohol.
  6. Avoid sharing of earrings among toddler.
  7. Baby ear piercing should be done by person who is specialists in paediatric piercing.

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