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Caring of Baby Nose

Baby nose care is also important along with eyes, ear or other body care. Caring of baby nose mainly involves cleaning of nose during cold days. If baby nose care is ignore then problem for breathing or during feeding may occur. Dehydration may occur because of cold so give some extra liquid to baby by mouth. Methods which you are applying for cleaning nose should be first recommended by doctor. Various techniques are used for caring baby nose.

Different Ways to Clean Baby Nose

For cleaning your baby's nose various methods exists. You can pick any one of them which is comfortable to you. Different methods are as follows

  1. By using aspirator you can clean baby's stuffy nose. Various types of aspirator are present in market you can choose any one it.
  2. Put 2-3 drops of saline solution inside each nostril or apply softly around nostril. You can purchase saline water from store or you can make it at home also.
  3. First steam up your bathroom by using cool mist humidifier and then stay there for some minutes along with your baby.
  4. Use a wet washcloth instead of a cotton swab to remove mucus from baby's nose.
  5. Bulb syringe is also widely used to clean nose by suction method.

Products to Clean Baby Nose

Below is list of some popular products which are used for cleaning baby's nose. Different products have different working techniques and different advantages.

  • Shaped nasal aspirator
  • Pigeon Nose Cleaner
  • Petit Terraillon Nose Care System 20
  • Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator

Don'ts for Baby Nose Care

  1. Don’t put your fingers or any other material inside baby's nose as it may tear delicate upper layer.
  2. Avoid use of cotton swabs during nose cleaning process.
  3. Don’t suction newborn baby's nose more than thrice in a single day.

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