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What is Balloon Sinus Surgery?

Balloon Sinus Surgery is advance technology used in the treatment of sinusitis. A tiny, flexible, sinus balloon catheter is involved in this technique which open and expand blocked sinuses. It is proven that ballon sinus surgery is more beneficial than other surgical techniques. Concept of surgery is same as that of used in cardiology, urology and vascular surgery. Recovery time is very less and surgery does not have any side-effect but only downside of ballon sinus surgery is that it nearly involves $1200 dollars cost.

Items Used in Balloon Sinus Surgery

Following important tools are used in ballon sinus surgery.

  • Sinus guiding catheters
  • Sinus guide wires
  • Sinus balloon catheters
  • Fluoroscopy

How Balloon Sinus Surgery is Done?

  1. In the first step sinus guided catheter is launched into the nasal cavity, under endoscopic visualization and positioned adjacent to the ostium.
  2. A flexible sinus guide wire is placed with the help of sinus guide catheter.
  3. The guide wire was advanced in the course of ostium with the help of fluoroscopy.
  4. The location of the sinus balloon catheter is established by using fluoroscopy. It is steadily inflated to smoothly reorganize the blocked ostium.
  5. After this the catheter was detached leaving the ostium open allowing usual sinus drainage and task.

What are Advantages of Balloon Sinuplasty technology?

  • Balloon sinuplasty technology is secure and effective method as compared to other techniques.
  • There is no or negligible incursion in balloon sinuplasty technology.
  • In most of the cases removal of bone or tissue is not required hence it reduces bleeding.
  • Recovery time is very short that means patients can recover within one day after surgery.
  • You can also use balloon sinuplasty tool for other medical therapies or sinus surgery techniques.
  • Post-operative pain and scarring reduces if balloon sinuplasty technology is used.

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