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Body Beautifation by Body Piercing

Body piercing is technique which creates permanent hole to specific body area to wear jewelry. It is practice from ancient time. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans also did body. Body piercing is done for various reasons such as religious, spirituality, fashion or to identify baby as girl. Body piercing is a serious act so proper care and precaution should be taken for it. Body piercing is found in both male and female.

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History of Body Piercing

Body piercing is oldest form of body modification. Origin of body piercing is found in jungle tribes in South America, Africa and Indonesia. Ancient Egyptian pierced their navels for status. Roman pierced their nipples to indicate their manhood or courage. Tongue piercing is originated in ancient Aztecs, Mayas of Central America for ritual form. Evidence for nose piercing was first found in the Middle East and also mentioned in bible.

Harmful Hazards of Body Piercing

  • Bacterial Infections - If piercing instruments is not well sterilized then some serious infection may occur during piercing and after piercing.
  • Allergic reactions - Some people have allergic reactions for certain types of jewelry or metals. Prefer jewelry which does not show any allergic effect.
  • Bleeding - Excessive bleeding may occur during or after body piercing.
  • Damage to nerves - Sometimes pierced area looses sensation because of nerve damage.
  • Gum Problem - Tongue, cheek and lip piercing sometimes responsible for gum problems.
  • Keloids - Gathering of thick scar tissue on wound area results in keloids formation.
  • Heart disease - Chances of heart infection also increased after body piercing.

Types of Body Piercing

  1. Ear piercing
  2. Eyebrow piercing
  3. Nose piercing
  4. Lip piercing
  5. Tongue piercing
  6. Navel piercing
  7. Nipple piercing
  8. Genital piercing

Valuable Tips for Body Piercing

  • For body piercing never make use of other metals except nontoxic metals.
  • Use only sterilized equipments and keeps cleanness during body piercing.
  • Don’t wear tights clothes on pierced area because it may rub skin and swelling may happen.
  • Clean pierced area daily with anti-bacterial soap and water.
  • If you have any skin problems or diabetes then take guidance from doctor before body piercing because it may injure immune system.

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