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Overview of Ear Piercing Gun

Piercing gun is popular method among other piercing methods for ear piercing. The instrument is designed like gun hence called as piercing gun. Ear piercing guns are mostly found in mall jewelry shops. Sterilization of old models of piercing gun is impossible hence infection transformation is at high risk but modern models are reusable and disposable. By using ear piercing gun stud is pushed forcefully into ear lobes. There is no license or permission required for use of ear piercing gun.

Various Designs of Ear Piercing Gun

  • Traditional model - It is oldest model and uses a spring in ear piercing guns. Sterilization of gun is not possible in this model.
  • Disposable cartridge model - Stud holder and clasp holder are entirely disposable in this type of model. It uses disposable cartridge which is also occasionally called a cassette.
  • Hand clasp model - In these types of models instead of spring operator press hand clutch physically forcing the stud through the ear.

Working of Ear Piercing Gun

Functioning of piercing gun is similar to that of stapler. The stud is positioned inside adapter. Starter of stud has point to insert in ear lobe. Its corresponding friction back is laden into a holder and the tension regulator is pulled back and trigger is press. Because of force stud penetrate through ear lobe making hole to ear.

Disadvantages of Ear Piercing Gun

  • You can not sterilized all parts of piercing guns as same parts are made up of plastic so it may give rise to infection.
  • Use of piercing gun is limited to only ear lobes.
  • Prolonged healing time is required if you pierced upper ear with ear piercing gun.
  • Blunt stud earring is used in gun so it gives extra pain during ear piercing.
  • Cartilage of the upper ear can not be pierced by using ear piercing gun.

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