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Ear Piercing Infection

Ear piercing infection means infection caused after piercing of ear because of many different factors such as unclean instrument, improper aftercare or frequent touching to ears. Ear piercing infection can be recover if proper and constant treatment is taken and infection is more reduce when all preventive methods are applied. Ear cartilage infection requires long time for recovery if it is infected. If ear piercing infection is not treated it may lead to some serious problem.

Sign of Ear Piercing Infection

  • Yellow discharge
  • Redness or red bumps
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Irritation and discomfort

Preventive Methods for Ear Piercing Infection

  1. Clean your piercing every day by using mild soap or warm water.
  2. Apply antibiotic cream after shower and before sleep.
  3. Rotate jewelry on front or back side at one time in a day with clean hand.
  4. Wear only sterilized bacteria free jewelry to reduce infection.
  5. If you have family history of keloids formations then stay away from piercing because it may also infect your ear.
  6. Check for sterilization of piercing instruments as they are primary cause for infection.
  7. At starting use only golden rings as some people has allergy from other metals and avoid wearing too tight jewelry.
  8. Don’t touch your hand constantly to pierced area as swelling may happen because of this reason.

Treatment for Body Piercing Infection

  • Some antibiotics are suggested by doctors to treat piercing infection.
  • Dip piercing area daily in warm water but that warm water should contain 1/8 tablespoon non-iodized salt.
  • Another way is soak cotton into sea salt or Epsom salt solution and then put it on ear for few minutes. Do it twice in a single day but not greater than four times.
  • As you know ear is infected immediately apply preventive measures to reduce further infection.
  • Put ice on piercing area which is covered with towel if it turns out to be inflamed or bruised.

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