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Information about Ear Piercing Kit

Ear piercing kit consists of various items that are required for piercing of ears. Plenty of stores, online sites are available to sell ear piercing kit. For easy ear piercing ear piercing kit is made which contain all required items for safe piercing. Ear piercing kit always comes with instruction for proper use of items.

Products included in ear piercing kit should be well sterilized before use because they are main reason for spreading ear piercing infection. Quality, warranty and price of kit may vary depending upon manufacturer.

Items Involved in Ear Piercing Kit

Ear Piercing Kits designed by different manufacturer may differ in items involved in it. But some common and mostly required items are as follows.

  • Pre-sterilized ear piercers
  • Pairs of starter studs
  • Ear care gel
  • Sterile skin cleansing pads
  • Surgical marking pen
  • Window banner
  • Release forms
  • Earrings
  • Bactracin oinment packets

Names of Ear Piercing Kit

Numerous ear piercing kit are available in market. Below is list of some famous ear piercing kit.

  1. Studex Ear Piercing Kit
  2. Universal Starter Ear Piercing Kit
  3. MediSystem Ear Piercing Kit
  4. Retailers Complete Ear Piercing Kit

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