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Piercing of Ear

Ear piercing is practice from ancient tribe’s culture till today’s date. Ear is most favorite area for piercing so ear piercing is very common type of body piercing. Ear piercing gun is used as instrument for ear piercing. Ear piercing may lead to some harmful effect so proper care should be taken for ear piercing. Various places on ear are available for ear piercing. Now ear piercing is become fashion and practiced by both male and female. Special types of ear piercing jewelry are created for pierced ear.

Baby Ear Piercing

Most of the parents pierce their baby’s ear for tradition, identification or fashion. For baby ear piercing proper care and precaution should be taken because they have less resistance power for any side-effect. Some people opposed to the baby ear piercing because of dangerous adverse effect. If infant is two-three months old then you can pierce your baby's ear but not before that. Various baby piercing jewelry are available in market.

Ear Cartilage Piercing

You can have variety of choices for ear cartilage piercing because various types of ear cartilage piercing are available. Cartilage piercing differentiates from ear lobe piercing because of healing time. Ear lobe piercing takes 6 - 8 weeks while ear cartilage piercing may take half or full year for recovery. Don’t use an ear piercing gun for ear cartilage piercing. Because of high sensitivity most of the time it can give rise to infection which is difficult to recover.

Aftercare for Ear Piercing

  • Clean piercing and rotate earrings only one time in a day.
  • Don’t touch your hand repetitively to piercing because it may cause infection or swelling.
  • Wear earrings continuously for minimum three to four months so that hole remains as it.
  • To fasten your healing process eat vitamin B and zinc rich diet.
  • Keep away shampoo, hairspray and other hair care products from piercing because it may responsible for irritation.
  • Don't use ointment, glyoxide, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on piercing.
  • Keep your telephones, headphones, eyeglasses, helmets and hats clean as piercing may affected by bacterial infection.

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