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Aftercare for Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is process which creates permanent hole in the area of nose to wear jewelry. As it improves your face beauty but along with that various side-effects are associated with nose piercing so proper aftercare should be maintained. For complete recovery process for nose piercing usually need 8-10 weeks. If proper care is not taken during healing time then it may lead to some serious problems.

Why Nose Piercing Aftercare Required?

As nose piercing is done all the way through cartilage so after care is must to reduce following things.

  1. Infection
  2. Red Bumps or Lumps
  3. Irritation
  4. Swelling
  5. Redness to skin
  6. Tenderness
  7. Pus formation
  8. Other skin related problems

Do's in Nose Piercing Aftercare

  • Clean your nose piercing every day during shower.
  • Eat high amount of vitamin-B, nutrients and zinc supplements to improve your healing process.
  • Soak cotton in saline solution or sea salt solution and placed it over pierced area for some time.
  • After cleaning dry your nose piercing lightly with the help of tissue paper or soft towel.
  • Apply small amount of lavender oil with the help of cotton-wool bud for the improvement of healing process.
  • After nose piercing wear only good quality of jewelry which does not give allergic reaction.
  • To improve blood circulation process at piercing area apply warm cloth, hot water bottle or electric heat pad over nose piercing area.

Don'ts in Nose Piercing Aftercare

  1. Avoid removing of nose jewelry for at least first five-six months because removing of jewelry may close your nose hole.
  2. Avoid contact of piercing area with hairspray, make-up, shampoo, cleansers or sun screen cream.
  3. Don’t use alcohol, betadine, metholated spirits or tea tree oil for cleaning of piercing because it is dangerous to sensitive skin and may form scar and bumps.
  4. Stay away from pulling of ring or jewelry inside or outside because it may cause infection to piercing area.
  5. Avoid pulling at the scab because it can result in lumps and irritation.
  6. Avoid constant contact to the pierced area or jewelry as it may result in swelling.
  7. At night don’t sleep on your face.

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