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Proper Care for Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is practiced from ancient time as a part of face beauty enhancement. To complete healing process generally 8-10 weeks are required and during these days appropriate care should be taken to avoid any adverse effect. Not only during nose piercing care should be maintained but after piercing also it require proper care. Aftercare for nose piercing is more important because it may cause some serious problems to skin.

Why Nose Piercing Care is Important?

If you pierced your nose and after that you are not taking proper care of that then it may sometimes lead to some serious issue. Following side-effect may occur if nose piercing care is not taken.

  • Infection
  • Irritation
  • Red Bumps or Lumps
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Other skin problems
  • Pus formation

Care Tips Before Nose Piercing

  1. To avoid infection check for sterilization of nose piercing instruments.
  2. The person who is piercing your nose should wash his hand neatly and should wear hand gloves during nose piercing.
  3. Check for jewelry which suits on your skin. Avoid jewelry which is made up of sliver and which gives allergic reaction on your skin.
  4. Discuss your idea with piercer to get exact result and show full trust on him.

Care Tips After Nose Piercing

  • Clean your nose pierced area each day during shower with anti bacterial soap.
  • To enhance healing process prefers high zinc and multivitamin diet.
  • Immerse cotton ball in saline or sea salt solution and keep it on piercing for few minutes two times in a day.
  • To increase the speed of healing process apply little amount of lavender oil by using cotton-wool bud.
  • Don’t remove jewelry during healing process as it may close your hole.
  • Avoid contact of pierced area with cleansers, make-up, shampoo, hairspray or sun screen cream.
  • Don’t touch pierced area with dirty hands for no of times.

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