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Nose Piercing Infection

Nose piercing is process of making hole to nose for the purpose of wearing jewelry. It increases your facial beauty but along with this it also has major side-effect. Nose infection is one of main side-effect. Infection occurs if both before and after care is not taken seriously. Infected nose look ugly, dirty and formation of scar may happen which affect your face beauty.

Causes of Nose Piercing Infection

  1. Use of unclean and unstrelized equipments
  2. Ignorance to after cleaning
  3. Wearing wrong choice of jewelry
  4. Constant touching of hands to piercing

Symptoms of Infected Nose

  • Discharge of yellow or green pus
  • Swelling from nose
  • Pain at piercing site
  • Redness and irritation at the pierced area.
  • Discomfort

How to Get Rid from Nose Piercing Infection?

  • Use clean and sterilized nose piercing instruments for nose piercing.
  • Wear jewelry which is made up of material like gold, surgical steel or titanium because it does not give any side-effect.
  • Clean piercing once or twice in a day with mild soap and warm water.
  • Soak cotton in sea salt water and keep it on piercing for few minutes. Don’t do it more than four times in a single day.
  • Don’t exchange jewelry during healing process as it is major cause of infection.
  • Apply an antiseptic like Bactine to pierced area and to jewelry also to prevent infection.

Care Tips to Avoid Nose Piercing Infection

  1. Don’t make contact of hairspray, sun screen cream and make-up to pierced area.
  2. Don’t use jewelry which is made up from sliver.
  3. Avoid sleeping on face at night and change tour pillow cover regularly.
  4. Don’t move your nose jewelry or ring in and out as it may cause nose piercing infection.
  5. Avoid pulling at the scab with dirty hands.

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