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Jewelry for Nose Piercing

Nose piercing jewelry is manufacture for only nose piercing. Nose piercing jewelry is wear in nose area as a part of fashion or tradition. Ring-shaped jewelry is most frequently used in nostril and nasal septum piercing. In ancient time gold septum rings were used as nose piercing jewelry. Different varieties, shape and size are now available in market for nose piercing jewelry. You can purchase it from any local shop, online stores or from different nose piercing websites. Price of nose piercing jewelry may differ depending upon type of jewelry, manufacturer, size and material used.

Different Types of Nose Piercing Jewelry

  • Barbell Rings
  • Captive Bead Rings
  • Nose Studs
  • Nose Screw
  • Seamless Rings

Material Used in Body Piercing Jewelry

  1. Gold
  2. Surgical Steel
  3. Titanium
  4. Niobium
  5. Silicone
  6. Wood

Jewelry Used in Different Types of Nose Piercing

  • Nostril piercing - Variety of nostril rings are present for this type but some famous jewelry are ball closure stud, L-bar closure studs, the stud along with a flat backing and loop.
  • Nasal septum piercing - Captive bead rings (CBRs), circular barbells, tusk or pinchers are usually used in nasal septum piercing. For large septums plugs are generally preferred.
  • Bridge piercing - Curved and straight barbells are largely used as nose piercing jewelry in bridge piercing type while seamless rings are not as much frequent as that of barbells.

Tips and Warnings for Body Piercing Jewelry

  1. Wear only that nose piercing jewelry which is well sterilized before use.
  2. Keep size of jewelry ideal so that you can avoid swelling or bumps.
  3. Some metals give allergic reaction so choose only that jewelry which is suitable on your skin. Prefer gold jewelry for first use.
  4. During cleaning process of piercing jewelry should also be cleaned properly to avoid infection.
  5. Don’t play with jewelry during healing process as it may cause infection.

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