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What is Sex Appeal? - How to Increae sex appeal in man and woman?

What is Sex Appeal?

Sex appeal is physical attractiveness or personal qualities that arouse others sexually.

Nature has designed life, from the smallest microbe to the largest whale, to have one basic purpose. That purpose is to reproduce. Whatever else an organism does, reproduction is its basic goal. All else, from dolphins frolicking to the Pyramids, is gravy.

Tips on increasing the Sex Appeal

Here's a very easy rule of thumb for you to remember about your appearance and sex appeal - whatever you notice and care about in the appearance of the women you're attracted to you need to notice and care about in yourself. Yes, it's that simple. Forget what you've heard about opposites attracting each other, forget the fantasy of a beautiful sexy woman discovering the inner you under the scruffy hair and clothes that have seen better days. Trust me, when it comes to the dating game and attracting the opposite sex it's safer to bet on like attracts like.

Sex Appeal and Advertising

Sex in advertising is the use of sexual interest as a tool of persuasion to draw interest to a particular product , for purpose of sale , generally using attractive models. Nudity in advertising often falls in this category.

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