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Hair Transplantation - Cost, Benefits and Procedure of Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair Transplantation is an accepted procedure in baldness. Initially introduced by Orentreich, it is an effective means for permanent re-distributed of scalp hair.

There are several modifications available viz. multiple punch grafts, strip grafts and scalp reduction. The first one is the most frequently employed. Autografts containing viable hair follicles are removed from the occipital area and placed in recipient areas in the frontal and vertex regions.

The technique of hair transplant seems to be a magical cure in treating the problem of baldness. Nowadays, it has become an integral part of cosmetic surgery. In this treatment healthy follicles are transplanted to the bald areas and they begin to produce healthy hair. The procedure is simple.

The patient is given a local anesthesia and small plugs of about 5/32 of an inch of the scalp skin containing several healthy follicles liftec1 from donor sites are transplanted where-ever required. A scab will form over the transplanted sites, and this falls off in about ten days.

Subsequently, the transplanted hair also falls out. Do not worry over this, a new hair will begin to show up in about twelve weeks to the extent of 6 to 12 hair per graft.

The number of sessions required depend on the extent of the baldness. The hair transplant is applicable only to normal baldness.

The technique of hair-transplant was introduced in 1959. Usually in this technique, redistributing your own hair from the back of the scalp (donor area) to the bald area (recipient area) is common practice. It is very much like transferring soil with few plants from one area to another.

The patient should be healthy. The donor area is stitched with sutures, which heal in four to five days.

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