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Laser System - Types of Laser Systems and thier properties

Laser Systems and their properties






Properties Argon Laser Ruby Laser Helium Laser Neo-Dymium Yag Laser Tunable-Dye Laser
Color of light Visible blue green Visible red Visible red Invisible Near infrared Fluorescent dyes, (varying composition & colors)
Penetration (co-efficient of extinction) 1-2 mm 1-2 mm Little energy & Penetration More than 3 mm 1-3 mm
Tissue scatter Moderate Moderate - High Variable
Wave length Format continous pulsatory 488-514nm Continuous 695 nm Pulsed high energy Continuous 1060 nm Continuous 400-1000 nm Pulsed
Absorption Non-selective. Selective action, controversial haemoglobin & melanin Selective. Blue or black pigment Non-Selective High energy. No color specificity Selective dye rhodamine 6G-577 nm specific for haemoglobin
Indications 1. Vascular lesion
- Portwine stain
- Angioma
- Lymphangioma
- Kaposi's sarcoma
2. Pigmentary
- Lentigenes
Naevus of Ota
- Chloasma
3. Tattoos
4. Granuloma faciale
- Lymphocytoma cutis
1. Tattoos
2. Naevi
Pigment is exposed by tissue steam and then phagocytosed face lifts
1. Mainly as laser
2. Biosumulation
Acceleration of wound healing
3. Non surgical cavernous
4. Controversial usefulness
1. Endoscopic coagulation of haemorr
2. Malignant tumor of GIT, bladder, bronchi
3. Bulky and basal cell haemongiomas
4. keloid
5. haemongioma after putting special crystals in the beam
1. Vascular lesion
2. Photo dynamic therapy with HDP (Haema to Porphyrin derivative)
3. Useful in cavity tumor, malignant melonomas epithelioma
Disadvantages Scarring. Non selective action. hence in disfavor. Scarring and danger of dissemination of malignant cells by shock waves. Low energy; little use in practice. Useful tool in surgical practice. Unpredictable tissue reaction levels. Undesirable phot-sensitivity reactions.


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