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Liposuction Surgery - Skin Treatment and Cost of Cosmetic Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a technique for dissection and suction of body fat without cold knife surgery, but employing a high pressure suction apparatus and and long cannulus. There is no scarring. The body is contoured and sculptured to shape and mould offending bulges according to the needs of the individual patients. Hips, buttocks, abdomen. cheeks, jaws and neck are the areas normally worked on.

Equipment required are high suction vacuum apparatus, long cannulas and local/general anesthesia. Special bandages are worn afterwards. Body exercise and massage help in preventing adhesions and dimpling of the skin. There are no long-term adverse effects. There may be temporary fluid or blood accumulation under the skin and also temporary anesthesia.

This is no substitute for dieting and exercises in general obesity. It is recommended only in getting rid of localized bulges of fat.

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