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Tattoo Removal Cream - Laser Removal of Tatoo

According to a survey, the experts estimate that approximately 15 million Americans have at least one tattoo. Of those 15 million people, it is estimated that at least half have considered tattoo removal. Don't think that you are stuck with that tattoo for the rest of your life. There are some methods of tattoo removal that will free you of the tattoo mistakes. Don't panic; tattoos aren't as permanent as they seem to be. There are tattoo removal methods that can renew your skin to its pre-tattooed state.

Different methods of Tattoo Removal

There are several proven and excellent methods of tattoo removal available today. The method that the physician chooses will depend upon the size of the tattoo and its location as well as the length of time it has been on the skin. How the patient heals may also be a factor in the decision.

Excision - One famous method of tattoo removal is excision especially when the dyed area is small. The advantage of this method is that the entire tattoo can be removed. With larger tattoos, however, it may be necessary to excise in stages, removing the center of it initially and the sides at a later date.

Excision involves a local anesthetic injection to numb the area. After that the tattoo is removed surgically. The edges are then brought together and sutured. With this procedure, there is minimal bleeding which is easily controlled with electrocautery. In some cases where large tattoos are present, a skin graft taken from another part of the body may be necessary.

Laser removal of tattoo

Different types of lasers are used according to the color and type of ink (for instance, green light is effective in the removal of orange or red ink) and the skin color of the patient. Laser tattoo removal for men and women is safe and effective and can be performed on all body areas: face, neck, chest, breasts, pubic areas, buttocks, legs, and feet. However, it is only safe when performed by an experienced laser technician who is also known as Certified Laser Specialist or CLS, using state-of-the-art equipment.

Dermabrasion - This should not be confused with Micro-Dermabrasion. This method involves abrasion of the top layers of skin until the middle layer, which contains the actual tattoo pigment, is reached and exfoliated, removing the unwanted tattoo with it. Dermabrasion has limited efficacy because tattoo ink is usually too deep in the skin layers to be removed entirely with this method. Dermabrasion often causes severe and traumatic permanent scarring that is less desirable or eye pleasing than the original tattoo. This can be achieved either through the use of chemical agents, such as caustic acids or salt or actual sandpaper.

Staged Excision - A physician cuts out the tattoo, a section at a time. Permanent scarring generally results from the scalpel incisions and this technique can only be used on small tattoos. It also does not work well on "home-made" tattoos that typically inject the ink deeper into the skin than professional tattoos.

Tissue Expansion - This involves placing a balloon under the patient's flesh. The balloon is inflated, allowing the skin to stretch slowly. The tattoo is then cut out and the newly stretched skin is used to cover over this excised flesh. This method leaves only a linear scar.

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