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Sun Protection - Sun protection clothing and factor- baby sun protection

Best tips on Sun Protection

Avoid the sun, especially at noon , when radiation is at its height. Also, ultraviolet radiation is greater near water bodies, like the seaside, and where there is snow.

Most of the changes that come with the decades are sun-related and therefore avoidable. These changes include: fine lines at the corners of the mouth and eyes which show during your twenties and thirties; color loss by the late thirties to forties; 'crows' 'feet', frown and forehead lines and shrinkage of the upper lip that become more visible in the fifties: and in the sixties, jowls, age spots and broken blood vessels.

Some dermatologists say that, when adequately protected, the skin can repair accumulated damage by as much as 30 per cent. As ultraviolet light surrounds us constantly, it is recommended that we wear moisturizers that contain ultraviolet filters every day.

Why to have sun protection?

The skin has a defense mechanism against sun-damage, in the form of melanin. The production of melanin is accelerated on sun-exposure. However, we have seen that this defense is not enough. That is why protection of the skin, with ingredients that block the sun's radiation damage, is so essential. These sun-block agents are incorporated into 'sunscreens'.

Avoidance of the sun, especially at midday and in the afternoon, when ultraviolet radiation is at its height, can help to reduce the harmful effects. It is also essential to know that ultraviolet radiation is greater near water bodies, like the seaside and where there is snow. Snow, water and even sand reflect the ultraviolet rays and thus increase their effect.

Exposure to the sun also causes moisture depletion and dries out the skin. Therefore, it is essential to step-up miniaturization, when you have been out of doors for a long time.

How sun protection products can help?

A sunscreen, combined with lotion can provide an ideal moisturised cover against sun-damage.

The use of rehydrant cleansers, which contains aloe vera, can also help to control moisture loss. Aloe vera, like sandalwood, also helps to soothe and heal the skin. In cases of excessive dehydration, with sensitivity and sunburn, turmeric lemon pre-bath preparation should be used, to soften and soothe the skin, on the face and body. Seaweed treatment can provide intensive miniaturization. It also helps to heal sunburn and counteract sun-damage.

Sun protection for baby and child while swimming

When you are swimming in the sea, or in an open-air pool, remember to apply sunscreen before and after your swim. Protect yourself with a parasol whenever you are out in the sun. Remember, you are exposed to ultraviolet radiation even on a cloudy day.

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