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Toe Nail - Toe Nail Problems with cure and treatment - home remedy for long toe nail fungus

Toenail can be injured in many different combinations of ways.  The most common injury is a bruise beneath the nail called a subungual hematoma.  The bruise (hematoma) forms beneath the nail (subungual) when the nail is avulsed (pulled away) from the underlying nail bed. More aggressive and destructive injuries include lacerations to the nail bed and crush injuries to the soft tissue and bone.  Let's take a look at what to do with a nail injury.

Your toenail can cause trouble in two main ways. First, it can make the skin fold at the side and become very swollen and red (ingrowing toenail). Second, it can become very thick, curved and painful. Both these conditions can be treated by an operation.

Toe Nail Fungus - Some people are more susceptible than others, and contract it with mild to severe symptoms. Factors that permit this disease include: the abnormal pH level of the skin, trauma to the nail, poor hygiene of the foot, susceptibility (such as decreased immunity) of the person who has contact with the fungus.

Approximately 50 percent of all nail disorders are fungal infections. Treatment of a fungal nail infection can be difficult to treat an can take as long as 12 - 18 months to completely clear (until the old fungal area of the nail completely grows out).

Some estimates are that over 10% of the North American population have fungus of the toenails, and it is one of the most common ailments that foot specialists attend to.

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Toe Nail
Nail Fungus
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