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Face Waxing With Adverse Effect

Face waxing is defined as removal unwanted hair from face by using waxing method. Waxing the facial hair is not considered as very good practice. Facial hair removal includes various methods such as threading, bleaching, laser treatments or electrolysis but waxing is one of the common method. Face waxing has many advantages of waxing but along with benefits it also has disadvantages or side effects.

Side-Effects of Face Waxing

  • Face waxing gives you more pain because it is one of the most delicate and sensitive part of body.
  • Face waxing many times gives redness to skin or red bumps on face.
  • Face waxing also gives some blood patches after waxing because during waxing not only hair but thin skin layer is also detached from face.
  • Another drawback is face waxing may lead infection, skin diseases or allergic reaction.
  • Improper way of face waxing can responsible for skin irritation and skin burn.
  • All face hair is not removed in single stoke. So you have to repeat waxing procedure for several times for complete hair removal.
  • Depending on hair growth rate, after specific days you have to do waxing repetitively.
  • Face waxing may lead to pimples and rash. Regular waxing can also lead to ingrowths.
  • Each and every time face waxing does not remove facial hair from the root so it may give rise to ingrown hairs.
  • After face waxing you have limit for going outdoor for at least 24 hours.
  • Some people may show some discoloration because of waxing.
  • Some area of face like upper lip is difficult to wax.

Precaution for Face waxing

If following precaution is followed then it reduces most of the adverse effect and gives you smooth and hair free skin.

  • Before applying wax on face test it on other small area of body for any negative reaction.
  • Apply very thin and even layer of wax in opposite direction of hair growth.
  • If you are taking treatment for acne, retinols or accutane then avoid waxing because it make your skin layer thin. After finishing treatment, take advice from doctor and you can start waxing again.
  • An hour before waxing you may take pain relief medication to reduce pain.

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