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Waxing the Beaver

Waxing is considered as most common, convenient and inexpensive way for removing hair from various part of body which is practice by both men and women. Waxing the beaver means removal of hair from pubic area with the help of car. Waxing the beaver is very dangerous method for removing hair and it also involves extreme pain. Beaver waxing is generally carried out by rad girls. 

Method for Waxing the Beaver

  • Remove clothes from pubic area which is going to be wax.
  • Bind stripe behind the car at corner.
  • Apply wax on pubic hair.
  • Sit or connect waxed pubic hair to the strip.
  • After few second start car and drive for small distance.
  • Hair will automatically detach from pubic area and stick on strips.
  • It is very horrible process and gives very large amount of pain. 

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