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Waxing Tips for Hair Removal

Waxing is method which is applied for removal of unnecessary hair from body. Waxing is done on various part of body such as hand, leg, face, pubic area, underarms. Improper waxing can responsible for pain, redness and infection but proper technique give you less pain, soften your skin and gives you beautiful look. Waxing is inexpensive than other hair removal methods and it can be done at home also.

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Pre Wax Tips

  1. Length of hair for proper waxing should be at least 1/4" to grab the wax.
  2. If hairs are longer than half inch then first trim your hair with hair clippers.
  3. If you want take pain relief medication like asprin or ibuprofen before one hour of your waxing.
  4. Skin should be clean and dry before waxing.

Tip During Waxing

  1. Wax should be warm but don’t overheat as it may cause skin burns.
  2. Apply thin layer of wax in a direction of your hair growth. Thick layer of wax gives you more pain.
  3. Put strips on wax and press strip gently in direction of hair growth.
  4. Pull off strips in reverse direction of hair growth. If you remove strip in wrong direction then it gives you extra pain and redness to skin.
  5. Remove excess wax by hot clothes.

Post wax tips

  1. Apply after wax lotion such as aloe vera for smoothening of skin.
  2. After waxing don’t wear tight clothes because it may rub on your skin and irritate you.
  3. Direct contact with UV rays after waxing may lead to some discoloration so avoid it as much you can.
  4. Start exfoliation after one or two days to avoid ingrown hairs.

Tips for Bikini Waxing

  • Do exfoliatation day before of your waxing to remove dead skin.
  • Take pain reliever meditation like Advil, Tylenol or Ibuprofen before one hour of your waxing.
  • Prefer hot wax instead of a regular soft wax, heat well and first apply on small area for any allergic reaction.
  • Put thin layer of wax in direction of hair growth and then pulled back rapidly.
  • Using hot towel remove any excess wax and don’t wear tight clothes after waxing.

Some Don'ts for Waxing

  • For female avoid waxing just before or during menstrual cycle because it may increase your pain.
  • Avoid waxing if you are having diabetes, varicose veins or phlebitis, burn or infected skin.
  • Avoid drinking more amount of caffeine or alcohol because it makes your skin more sensitive.
  • Don’t use astringents, toner or ice as they may responsible for tighten the pores.
  • Avoid bathing before waxing because it wet your hair which is not ideal for waxing.
  • Don't use scissors or trimming because some hair may cut in too small size.

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